As a multimedia designer, I have worked for major corporations building interactive courseware and for major retailers designing marketing emails. I have also worked as a freelance designer supporting small businesses with website design and a large non-profit with graphic design for a mobile app. Such a broad experience has helped me hone my instincts for seeing the big picture in creative design concepts as well as the fine technical details needed to deliver. I also have the ability to see potential roadblocks and do my best to communicate to save creative teams (and clients) time, energy and money.

My experience lies primarily in building interactive courseware and training, graphic and icon design, video editing, motion graphics and building web sites. As a musician, I find myself at home on a creative team—I know how to play supporting roles and can take the lead when necessary. My aesthetic leans towards clean, focused design to support the brand standards of a corporation or the mission of a small business owner. Take a look at my resume and portfolio projects and let me know if you have any questions.

Oh and, yes, I’m currently available! Let me know how I can support your next creative project.